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Vydaná CD

jazz-pictures-obal.jpgJazz Pictures About My Country
mplión records 2013


Walking on the High Castle   

The Fields and Meadows of my childhood (zpěv Zuzana Mikulcová)

The River (zpěv Yanna)

The Medieval Blues (zpěv Lukáš Martínek)



Článek o Jazz pictures v magazínu UNI JAZZ 2014/10


abstract-life-2-jpeg.jpgAbstract Life
Amplión records 2011


Melancholic Colors (O.Štajnochr)

French Evening (O.Štajnochr)

Almost Dark (F.Krtička) 

Abstract Life (K.Marek)




Kari-on-promotion agency USA

"Congratulations on your new CD, we understand the journey it took to get here.  After listening to each of the online samples of your new CD Abstract Life and reading through your online biography, we recognize the potential in your new offering to obtain quantifiable (provable & reusable) radio airplay and reviews for your new release.
The samples of Abstract Life contain great unique compositions and playing; I really appreciate the various techniques you explore with your music and as an ensemble.  In “Melancholic Colours,” I really enjoyed the playing; outstanding feel, very nice melody, interesting arrangement, great ensemble sound, and the music is enjoyable and creative. " 13.8.2012