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This piano trio was established upon a meeting of 3 musicians who realized they had identical sense of music and prefer similar style of jazz interpretation.That is why they decided to create a group  concentrated on playing Their own original modern jazz compositions and jazz standards
in interesting arrangements

Tomáš Vybiral - drums
Solo double-bass player of Prague Chamber Orchestra, Suk Camber Orchestra, Mladota Ensemble Prague and professor of classical double-bass at Prague Conservatory of Music. His lifelong ambition has been to play jazz on drums as counterbalance to classical music. He fulfilled his dream when he used the opportunity to take private lessons from Jan Linhart , Roman Vícha and last but not least from Pavel Razím.
Soon he started to join both musical worlds and used classical themes and elements
in his jazz compositions.

František Krtička- piano , vibraphone
In mere three years he successfully graduated
in Arrangement and Composition at Prague Conservatory of Music and
started his teaching career in the same subject at Prague Conservatory
of Music in 2009.
For his piano and vibraphone playing he has earned numerous
awards. He plays together with Felix Slováček´s Big Band, North Big Band,
he accompanies Sisa Sklovská, and others...
František Krtička is much-sought-for and respected as regards his arrangements.
He has created more than two hundred arrangements for various musical
groups - vocal quartets, choirs, jazz combos, big bands as well as
chamber and symphonic orchestras. His adaptations are played by
Felix Slováček Orchestra, Suk Chamber Orchestra Czech National Symphony Orchesrta and by others...

Ondřej Štajnochr - bass
studied at Prague Conservatory of Music, Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory of Music-jazz..
and Academy for Ancient Music in Dresden-baroque double-bass…
He is active in the area of classical music, jazz, as well as the border area of other genres.
He has played together with prominent Czech jazz musicians (K. Růžička,
E. Vicklický,  M.Svoboda, J.Stivín, Najponk, V.Eckert, Š.Markovič, D.Dorůžka,
P.Zelenka, R.Krampl aj.). He also has had the opportunity to accompany foreign
soloists (K. Peplowski, M.Welzel, R.Mitchel, B.Golbin, B.Bailey, M.Bergmann, U.Plath aj.).
Currently he plays also in Josef Vejvoda Trio. In the field of classical music he cooperates with Musica Florea, Collegium 1704, Dresdner Baroque Orchestra and Prague Chamber Orchestra, has recorded a lot of CDs with them and performed in concerts and festival all around the world.
He is a very successful author of both jazz and film music (Victims and Murderers – Oběti a vrazi, My Father and Other Men - Můj otec a ostatní muži by A.Sedláčková).



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